Hi there from Michael Lee, alias michaellee8 👋

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I am a self-taught Software Engineer from Hong Kong. Previously worked in Remote Golang backend engineering roles and React Native frontend roles. Loves coding in Golang and Flutter. Daily linux/tmux/neovim/gcp user. Contributor to the Dart/Flutter/Fuchsia ecosystem.

I would describe myself as a technical focused problem-solver who prioritize quality over quantity. I have a passion to solve hard technical obstacles that others would have gave up, both obstacles from work and from open-source projects that I often work with. I also value taking extra time to submit carefully structured and tested bug-free code rather than submitting buggy non-maintainable code to shorten development time. I always believe that quality code would boost productivity hence quantity in the long term.

Please have a look at my resume at https://resume.michaellee8.com/ on my work experiences and skillsets. Also please feel free to pay a visit to my website at https://michaellee8.com and my GitHub profile at https://github.com/michaellee8

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